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If we had to choose one thing that defines our program, it's our overwhelming presence in Piedmont Triad elementary, middle, and high schools. All of our programs are closely aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and customized to further meet teacher needs.


Many Stormwater SMART activities are based on the Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) and Aquatic WILD curriculums. These activities are interactive, multisensory, contemporary, relevant, solution-oriented, accurate, and science based. Activities are adaptable to many age ranges, subject areas, and time limitations. We also offer periodic teacher trainings in Project WET.


Although we believe environmental education should be conducted outdoors, we understand that isn't always possible. However, we will work with you to ensure the best possible programming, whether it takes place in the classroom or outdoors.

Here's a summary of some of our most popular programs!


Enviroscape Program:

The Enviroscape is a 3d model watershed. Students get to act as pollutants or rain on the Enviroscape using common household items in order to understand point-source and nonpoint-source pollution. Students will discuss the various ways they can practice environmental stewardship within their watershed.
This program is ideal for students in 8th grade or high school grade levels.

The Incredible Journey:

The incredible journey is a hands-on activity that teaches students how water moves through the water cycle. Students get to go through two rounds of the activity as a “water droplet”, moving from one place to another following the water cycle. The first round demonstrates the water cycle without humans and the second round illustrates the impact humans have on the water cycle.
This program is ideal for students in 5th grade, but has also been done with 7th and 8th graders in the past.

NC Watershed Game:
Students play a game on a fictional watershed board that shows how different human behaviors affect the watershed through modifications to the biotic and abiotic components via best management practices.
This program is ideal for students in the high school grade levels. 

Stream Watch:

Students sample a stream or river for macroinvertebrates in order to determine water quality.
This program is ideal for students in 5th grade or higher. 

Water Quality? Ask the Bugs!:

Students get to sample a fake stream for fake bugs in order to determine stream health. This activity allows students to be a scientist and use bio- indicators to determine water quality. Students will write down their data and analyze it.
This program is ideal for students in 5th through 8th grade.

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem:

Students play a game of tag to simulate the effects of environmental stressors on macroinvertebrate populations (outdoor or in a gym).
This program is ideal for students in 5th through 8th grade.

Modified Version of Stream Watch

*Additional programs and correlations to the SOC are avaliable here.


If you're interested in having Stormwater SMART visit your classroom, please visit our calendar to access our availability (we make every effort to keep our calendar up to date), e-mail us to confirm availability, and fill out a brief survey so we have all the information we need to ensure our visit meets all your goals and expectations.


Interested in learning more about where your school is located in the watershed and how it might impact water quality? Check our maps page to see if your school is listed. If you work in a Stormwater SMART community and would like maps made for your school, please contact us.


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